AMPSECA 2017 Program

The full program with posters could be dowload here

Monday 27-03

15h00 – 18h00


18h00 – 20h00

Welcome Reception


Tuesday 28-03

8h00 – 12h00


8h30 – 9h00

Opening Ceremony

9h00 – 10h00

Plenary Lecture

9h00.Tue «Nano structured hybrid materials for photonics and sensing : Impact on Energy and healthcare»

Paras Prasad, (University at Buffalo, USA)

9h30.Tue «Two-photon absorbing probes for NIR biophotonics

Chantal Andraud (ENS, Lyon, Site MONOD, France)

10h00 – 10h40

Invited Lectures

Session 1


10h00.Tue «Modeling of Rare Earth-doped Silicate Glasses: Codoping Effects on the Luminescent Sites Structures and Formation of Dielectrics Nanoparticles»

Stéphane Chaussedent (University of  d'Angers, Angers France)

10h00.Tue «Structure and dynamics properties of key materials for photovoltaic energy conversion: the hybrid halogenated perovskites»

David Djurado (INAC/SPrAM/CEA, Grenoble, France)

10h20.Tue «Droplets based microfluidics and microsolidics: new tools to manipulate liquids, solids and light at the microscale»

Abdel I. EL ABED (ENS-Cachan, Cachan, France)

10h20.Tue «Chitosan and its derivatives for electrochemical devices»

Tan Winie (Faculty of Applied Sciences, Universiti Teknologi MARA, 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia)

10h40 – 11h10

Coffee Break

11h10 – 11h50

Invited Lectures

Session 1


11h10.Tue «Switchable polynuclear systems based on triazole ligands»

Triki Smail (Université de Brest, France)

11h10.Tue «Highly sensitive FET sensors based on organic dielectrics»

Jean-Manuel Raimundo (Aix Marseille University, CINaM UMR CNRS)

11h30.Tue «Spatio-temporal studies of spin-crossover materials: watching and simulating phase transition dynamics»

Kamel Boukheddaden (Paris Versailles Saint Quentin)

11h30.Tue «Design of efficient nickelate-based cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells»

Elisabeth Djurado (ENSEEG-INPG/UJF/CNRS, France)

12h00 – 14h00


14h00 – 14h30

Plenary Lecture

14h00.Tue «Polypyridyl ruthenium complexes: versatile tools for linear and nonlinear optics»

Jean-Luc Fillaut (UMR 6226 CNRS Rennes University)

14h30 – 15h10

Invited Lectures

Session 1


14h30.Tue «Spin crossover nanomaterials for temperature, pressure and fluorescence sensors»

Yann Garcia (l'Université catholique de Louvain)

14h30.Tue «Preparation and characterization of metallic oxide nanostructures and nanoparticles for energy and environment»

Khalid Nouneh (LPMC, University Ibn Tofail Kénitra)

14h50.Tue «Metal Induced Modulation of Electronic & Optical properties of Multifunctional Ligands»

Abdelkrim El Ghayoury (University of Angers, Angers France)


14h50.Tue «Electroactive naphthalene bisimide derivatives. Synthesis, preparation and applications»

Malgorzata Zagorska (Warsaw Univiersity of technology)

15h10 – 16h00







Oral Lectures

Session 1


15h10.Tue «Physical properties and spectroscopic studies of Ho3+ and Ho3+/Yb3+ doped fluorophosphate glasses»

O. Bentouila, F. Rehouma, K. Eddine Aiadi, M. Poulain

15h10.Tue «Optical and electrical properties of spinel Mg cobalt oxide(Mg x Co 3-x O 4 ) thin films»

A. Louardi, A. El Bachiri , L. Soussi , O. Karzazi , A. Rmili , T. Chtouki , M. Khaidar , M. Monkade , B. Elidrissi, H. Erguig

15h20.Tue «Temperature dependence of the electro-Optic coefficient r33 and constante diélectrique ε33 in BaTiO3: Rh»

S. Bahsine, A. Maillard, G. Kugel

15h20.Tue «Geometrical and material lay-up optimization of a compositefloating wind turbine blade»

O. Shah , M. Tarfaoui

15h30.Tue «Investigation of Structural and Optical Properties of Organic Photovoltaic Thin Films Based on MEH-PPV/P3HT fullerene blend»

I. Anefnaf, N. Benhaddou, S. Aazou, M. Abd-Lefdil, Z. Sekkat

15h30.Tue «Boosting the performance of solar cells with intermediate band absorbers. The case of ZnTe:O»

O. Skhouni, A. El Manouni, B. Mari

15h40.Tue «Photoassisted Holography in Azo Dye Doped Polymer Films»

A. Rahmouni, Y. Bougdid, S. Moujdi , D. V. Nesterenko, Z. Sekkat

15h40.Tue «Spectral response of optoelectronic devices to solar radiation»

A. Albino, D. Bortoli, M. Tlemçani, A. Joyce

15h50.Tue «Enhancing photocatalytic activity of ZnO-ZnAl2O4 nanoparticles derived from Zn/Al layered double hydroxide»

A. Elhalil, F.Z. Mahjoubi, H. Tounsadi, M. Sadiq, M. Abdennouri, S. Qourzal, N. Barka

15h50.Tue «Towards a better exploitation of the solar deposit in the Saharan cities - case of Biskra city – Algeria»

D. Boutheina, N. Zemmouri

16h00 – 16h30

Coffee Break

16h30 – 18h00

Poster Session


Wednesday 29-03

9h00 – 10h00

Plenary Lecture

9h00.Wed «Generation of Parametric Light : from the study of crystals to the implementation of devices»

Patricia Segonds (Néel Institute – CNRS-UGA, Dept PLUM, Equipe OPTIMA)

9h30.Wed «Towards more efficient materials for nonlinear absorption and nonlinear refraction applications»

Marek Samoc (Wroclaw University of Technology)

10h00 – 10h40

Invited Lectures

Session 1


10h00.Wed «Graphene-based saturable absorber for fiber laser applications»

François Sanchez (University of  d'Angers, Angers France)

10h00.Wed «Photovoltaic materials simulations»

Robert Warmbier (University of the Witwatersand, South Africa)

10h20.Wed «Promoting Spontaneous Second Harmonic Generation through Organogelation»

David Canevet (Moltech-Anjou, UMR CNRS 6200, Angers France)

10h20.Wed «Plasmonic Dye-sensitized Solar Cell»

Abdul Karirem Arof (Centre for Ionics University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

10h40 – 11h10

Coffee Break

11h10 – 11h50

Invited Lectures

Session 1


11h10.Wed «Design of New Advanced Materials containing Rare Earth Ions»
Lada Puntus (Laboratory of Molecular Nanoelectronics Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)

11h10.Wed «Photovoltaic and thermoelectric proprieties of nanomaterials improved by using ab initio calculations»

El-Kebir Hlil (University of Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France)

11h30.Wed «Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Their Application in Nonlinear Optics»

Anna Zawadzaka (UMK, Torun, Poland)

11h30.Wed «Functionalized Nanomaterials Assembly as Hybrid Materials for Electrochemical Nanosensing Applications»

Abdelhafed Taleb (Chimie ParisTech-CNRS, Institut de Recherche de Chimie, Paris, France)

12h00 – 14h00


14h00 – 14h30

Plenary Lecture

14h00.Wed «Energy harves ting for self-powered systems: future reality or chimerical dream ?»

Mickaël Lallart (Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Ferroelectricity (LGEF) of INSA Lyon)

14h30 – 15h10

Invited Lectures

Session 1


14h30.Wed «Laser Induced Birefringence in the Oligoetheracrylate hotopolymer Films»

Katarzyna Ozga (Czestochowa University of technology, Poland)

14h30.Wed «Infrared and Electrochemical Studies of Polyacrylonitrile-Succinonitrile Plastic Crystal Polymer Electrolytes»

Zurina Osman ((Centre for Ionics,University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

14h50.Wed «Ab initio quantum mechanical calculations on third-order optical nonlinearity and two-photon absorption of branchedoligothienylenevinylene»
Asli Karakas (Selcuk University, Department of Physics, Konya, Turkey)

Oral Lectures

15h10 – 16h00







Oral Lectures

 Session 2

14h50.Wed «TRNSYS modeling of solar parabolic trough power plant with organic Rankin cycle» 
R. Ait El Cadi, S. Bouaddi, N. Selhaoui, K. Bouabid, A. Ihlal, L. Bouirden, B.Abnay 

Session 1

15h00.Wed «Sustainable management of wastewater from the cardboard manufacturing industry: Treatment by infiltration percolation on a column»  
A. Bellarbi, A.Graich, M. Monkade, A. Zradba, M.Khaidar

15h10.Wed «Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organometallic complexesBased on ruthenium»
S. Taboukhat, Bohdan Kulyk , Jean-Luc Fillaut , Yahia Boughaleb , Bouchta Sahraoui

15h10.Wed «Natural radioactivity and effective dose assessment in Moroccobuilding materials»
A. Nachab, E. Gasser, A. Nourreddine, Ch. Roy

15h20.Wed «Bands structure and electro-optical characteristics of a semimetallic InAs/GaSb type II superlattice:  Application as a terahertz infrared detector»
A. Boutramine,  A. nafidi, Driss Barkissy, N. Benchtaber

15h20.Wed «Preparation of Co-doped ZnO (CZO) Thin Film by SILAR method for PV application»
A. Elfanaoui, E. Elhamri, A. Ihlal, A. Taleb, H. Kirou, K. Bouabid

15h30.Wed «New Azo dye- based colorimetric sensor for Cu2+»
S. Fettouche, A. Boukhriss, M. Tahiri, O. Cherkaoui, S. Gmouh

15h30.Wed «A complete sliding mode control strategy applied to a DFIG with a reduced chattering effect under parameters variation for high-power wind energy»
H. Lhachimi, Y. Elkouari, Y. Sayouti, B. Oukarfi

15h40.Wed «Some samples analysis using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy»
L. Srata, S. Farres, F. Fethi, H. Chatei

15h40.Wed «Real time characterization of a photovoltaic panel using the fiveparameters model»
A. C. Foles, A. Albino, M. Tlemçani

15h50.Wed «Anticrossing behavior of surface plasmon polariton dispersions in Metal-insulator-metal structures»
S. Refki, S. Hayashi, Anouar Rahmouni , D. V. Nesterenko, Z. Sekkat

15h50.Wed «Sensitivity analysis of Ambient Temperature and Wind speed using Error Function for Photovoltaic cell»
M. R. Rashel, A. Albino, T. Goncalves, M. Tlemçani

16h00 – 16h30

  Coffee Break
16h30 - 17h30 





 Oral Lectures

16h30.Wed «Functionalized Photoswitchable Styrylquinoline-Based Polymers for Nonlinear Optical Applications»
D. Guichaoua, B. Kulyk, O. Krupka, O. Kharchenko, V. Smokal, O. Kolendo,B. Sahraoui

16h30.Wed «Biodegradable particles for challenging cosmetic- textile application»
N. Zafar, H. Fessi, A. Elaissari

16h40.Wed «Light Polarization Dependence of Holographic Storage in Azopolymers»
Y. Bougdid, S. Moujdi, A. Rahmouni, D. V .Nesterenko, and Z. Sekkat

16h40.Wed «The Performances of TiO2 Nanoparticles on Negative Electrode for Lithium Ion Batteries»
W. Nachit,  R. Yazami, Z. Ramzi, S. Touhtouh, K. Benkhouja

16h50.Wed «Electromagnetic fields effects on the intersubband optical properties in GaN/Al(Ga)N double inverse parabolic quantum wells structures for optoelectronic device»
A. El Kadadra, D.Abouelaoualim, K. Fellaoui, A. Oueriagli

16h50.Wed «A theoretical model for thermoelectric generator design in a hybridTE/PV system»
Mustapha El Mliles, Abdelowahed Hajjaji , Youssef EL KOUARI

 17h00.Wed Contribution to the Study of In2S3: Al Thin Films Properties Grown by Chemical Bath Deposition

Samira Elfarrass, Bouchaib Hartiti, Abderraouf Ridah, Philippe Thevenin

17h00.Wed «Evaluation of Three Types of PV Panels Based on Silicon Material:A Case Study in Casablanca, Morocco»

Amine Haibaoui, Bouchaib Hartiti, Mehdi Karami, Abderrazzak Elamim, Abderraouf Ridah,Philippe Thevenin3 
 17h10.Wed «Cadmium Sulfide (CdS) thin films doped In, Sn and Fe by spray pyrolysis using Taguchi method »
Youssef Arba, Bouchaib Hartiti, Abderraouf Ridah, Philippe Thevenin

17h10.Wed«Temperature Growth and Annealing Effects on CdS Thin Films Prepared by Spray pyrolysis»

Asma EZZAKI, Bouchaib Hartiti, Salah Fadili 
 17h20.Wed «Isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic studies on the adsorptionbehavior of disperse blue 165 dye onto chitosan andphosphogypsum»
J. Mouldar, H.Hafdi, M. Joudi, H. Nasrellah, A. Loudiki, M.A. El Mhammedi and M. Bakasse,

17h20.Wed «New modeling and simulation of pyroelctricity for thermal energy harvesting»

Y. Tabbai, F. Belhora, R. El Moznine, A. Hajjaji, A. EL Ballouti

17h30 – 18h30

Poster Session

18h30 – 20h00


20h00 – 22h00

Gala Dinner


Thursday 30-03 AM

9h00 – 9h20

Invited Lectures

Session 1


9h20.Thu «Selected methods of thin films deposition and their applications»

Przemyslaw Płóciennik (UMK, Torun, Poland)

9h00.Thu «Fabrication of electrodeposited polyaniline nanowires on carbon fiber cloth as supercapacitor electrode material»

Siri Rohana Majid (Centre for Ionics,University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

9h20 - 10h20 

  Oral Lectures
 Session 1  Session 2

9h20.Thu «Laser interferometer based measurement for error compensation in cartesian multi-axis systems»
Younes Echerfaoui, Abderrazak El Ouafi and Ahmed Chebak

 9h20.Thu «Efficient fuzzy logic MPPT control for solar panel and wind turbine in hybrid power system»
Soro Siellé Martin, Ahmed Chebak and Abderrazak El Ouafi

9h30.Thu «Parameters Extraction of Photovoltaic cell using a New Method Based on Experimental Current-Voltage Characteristic»
Hamza Mokhliss, Khalid Rais

9h30.Thu«Analysis of the Thermal Performance of Building Envelopes Incorporating Phase Change Material(PCM) for Passive Cooling Applications»
Amal Louanate ,Rabie El Otmani, Khalid Kandoussi , Mohamed Eljouad , Abdelowahed Hajjaji, Adil Rachek

9h40.Thu« Structure and optical properties of Znq2 Materials»
M. Lougdali, Y. Elkouari, Z. Sofiani, M. Zazoui, A. Zawadzka, B. Sahraoui

9h40.Thu«Improvement of the availability and efficiency of induction motors using piezoelectric materials»
Mohamed Kaddari, Chouaib Ennawaoui, Mahmoud El Mouden, Abdelowahed Hajjaji

9h50.Thu «Correlation between band structures and Quantum Hall effectGaAs/Al0.15Ga0.85As nanostructure superlattice for nearinfrareddetection»
Driss Barkissy, Abdelhakim Nafidi, Abderrazak Boutramine, Nassima Benchtaber

9h50.Thu «TS Fuzzy Modeling Appoach for the Three Level Boost Converter»
Said El Beid, Hassan Abouobaida, Abdelowahed Hajjaji

10h00.Thu «Graphene Oxide In situ reduction effect on the opto-structural properties of P3HT/rGO composites»
Anass Bakour, Mimouna Baitoul, Omar Bajjou, and Eric Faulques

 10h00.Thu «Composite Materials based on Plaster»
Said Bouzit, Mohamed Taha, Said Laasri, L.Bouirden

10h10.Thu «Nano-Indentation Of Nanocistalline’s Tungsten – A Molecular Dynamic Simulation Effect Of Penetration Velocity And Grain Size Study»
A.Tahiri, M. Idiri, B.Boubeker , A. Hasnaoui  , P. Valat-Villain

  10h10.Thu «FAPbI3-xBrx: Stability, structural and optical properties of solution processed mixed formamidinium lead perovskite thin films»
Lahoucine Atourki, Erika Vega, Bernabé Marí, Miguel Mollar, Hassan Kirou, Khalid Bouabid and Ahmed Ihlal
 10h20.Thu «Some samples analysis using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy»
Loubna SRATA, Sofia FARRES, Fouad FETHI and Hassan CHATEI
 10h20.Thu «Efficiency and optimization of the energy consumption of thefactory of the CMCP-IP AGADIR»
Hayat EL BAAMRANI, and Abdellah BOUKHRIS

10h20 – 11h00

Coffee Break

11h00 – 12h00








Oral Lectures

Session 1

Session 2

11h00.Thu «Optical and dielectric properties of PMMA-Carbon dots nanocomposites»

I. Bouknaitir, A. Panniello, M.Corricelli, M. Striccoli, L. C. Costa, M. E. Achour

11h00.Thu «Study of Kinetic evolution of self organized systems by Langevin equation»

R. Bakir, A. Hader, I.Achika , H.Sbiaai, L. Amallah, M.Mazroui and Y.Boughaleb

11h10.Thu «An investigation of electronic and optical transition of GaAsBi/GaAs Spherical Quantum Dots»

N. Ben Afkir, J. Meziane and M. Zazoui

11h10.Thu «A Novel Approach for the Reactive Power Control of Self-Excited Induction Generator»

Sadek Ameziane

11h20.Thu «Elaboration of low coast filters from natural Materials for the removal of disperse blue 79 azo dye From aqueous solutions»

B. Hatimi , H. Nasrellah , I.B. Toumert , A. Farahi , M. A. El Mhammedi and Mina Bakasse

11h20.Thu «Model of piezoelectric self powered supply for portable devices using technical textile as a support»

N. Chakhchaoui, H. Ennamiri, A. Hajjaji, A. Eddiai, Mounir

11h30.Thu «Structural, Elastic, Electronic, and Ferromagnetic Properties of the alloy Zn 1/2 Ni 1/2 O»
Hayat Moujri , Abdelkader Boudali , Mohammed Fliyou  , Said Ouaskit

11h30.Thu «Microstructural characterization and thermal analysis of Fe-Cr-W-Y2O3 powders prepared by mechanical alloyng»

M. Stanciulescu, M. Abrudeanu , C. Ducu, T. Meleg

11h40.Thu «The effect of the doped process on the avalanche breaking in composite materials»

I. Achik, H.Sbiaai , A. Hader, R.Bakir, A. Zouhair and Y. Boughaleb

11h40.Thu «Bioelectrochemical Systems for Clean Environmental»
Rajaa Maallah, Sakina Touzara, Amina Amlil, Abdilah Chtaini

11h50.Thu «Ab-initio study of structural and Optical properties of TiO2»

M. Aazi, I. Bziz, A. Es-Smairi,E. H. Atmani,N. Fazouan

11h50.Thu «A hybrid smart speed bump for mechanical energy Harvesting :  Road Applications»

C. Ennawaoui, A.Hajjaji, S.Laasri, N.Gazari, A.Azim 

12h00 – 14h00



Thursday 30-03 PM

14h00 – 16h00















Oral Lectures



14h00.Thu «Characterization and simulation of the behavior of a multilayer material for hybrid energy harvesting device»

I. Salhi, F. Belhora, M. Yessari, A. Hajjaji

14h00.Thu «Interplay between vortex phase transition and Magnetization in the organic layered superconductor k-(BEDT-TTF)2 Cu[N(CN)2 ]Br»

H. El Ouaddi, A. Tirbiyine, A. Taoufik Y. Ait Ahmed,A. Nafidi, H. Chaib, M.Mamor, H. El Hamidi,A. Hafid

14h10.Thu «Ab-initio study of structural and electronic properties of Tin Dioxide (SnO2)»

I. Bziz, A. Es-Smairi, M. Aazi, E. H. Atmani, N. Fazouan

14h10.Thu «Quantum uncertainty in Heisenberg Systems with Dzyaloshinski-Moriya coupling»

R. Benhammou, N. Habiballah, A. Arbaoui, M. Daoud

14h20.Thu «A molecular dynamic study of medium-range network in Ni3Al metallic glass»

S.Trady, M. Mazroui, A.Hasnaoui, K.Saadouni

14h20.Thu «Intelligent Energy Management System of an Islanded Microgrid»

M. Hamidi, B. Oukarfi, Y. El Kouari

14h30.Thu «DFT study of Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) phases: Stability, Structural, Electronic and Optical Properties»

A. Smairi, M. Aazi , I. Bziz , N. Fazouan , E. H. Atmani

14h30.Thu «Pre-study of possibility to produce desalinate sea water and electricity from heat recovery in sulfuric acid plants»

Y.Aroussy , D.Saifaoui , M.Nachtane , M.Tarfaoui

14h40.Thu «Outdoor performance analysis of differentPhotovoltaic technologies under Moroccan Climate conditions»

A. Benazzouz, Z. Naimi , B. Ikken and A. Barhdadi

14h40.Thu «Modelisation and simulation of different method for desalination of sea water»

S. Rochd, Z. Belkiri, S. Zoukhri, A. Dezairi

14h50.Thu «Avalanche  breaking behaviors and scaling law in failure process of fiber bundle model with randomly oriented fibers»

H. Sbiaai, A. Hader,  R. Bakir, I. Achik, A. Zouhair  and Y.Boughaleb

14h50.Thu  «Latent heat thermal energy storage: experimental investigation »
Mohamed El Habib Amagour, Adil Rachek, Mounir Bennajah, Rabie El-Otmani, Mohamed Ebn Touhami 

15h00.Thu «Soiling effects on high concentration photovoltaic energy productivity in morocco»

W. Anana, F. Chaouki, B. Laarabi, D. Dahlioui, V. Gilioli , D. Verdilio, M. Abdelmjid Sebbar, A. Barhdadi

15h00.Thu «Diffusion of Brownian interacting particles through a deformed Substrate»

L. Arfa, M. Ouahmane, L. El Arroum And Y. Boughaleb

15h10.Thu «Phase Transitions, Wigner Function and Entanglement of the Dicke Model»

A. Chentouf, Z. SAKHI and M. BENNAI

15h10.Thu «Recovery of sludge generated from cardboard industry wastewater treatment in the manufacture of building materials»

A. Graich, A. Bellarbi, M. Monkade, A. Zradba, H. Ghanim

15h20.Thu «Solid fuels higher heating value estimation from ultimate analysis»

I. Boumanchar, Y. Chhiti, F.E. M’hamdi Alaoui, A. Sahibed-Dine, M. Bensitel

15h20.Thu «Physical and chemical analyzes of outdoor dirtnaturally deposited on pv modules in differentmoroccan climates»

B. Laarabi, D. Dahlioui, F. Chaouki, W.  Anana, M. Abdelmjid Sebbarand A. Barhdadi

15h30.Thu «Characterization and Numerical simulation of ferroelectric materials used for energy harvesting applications»

H. Lifi, A. Hajjaji, S. Touhtouh, F. Belhora, M. Benjelloun

15h30.Thu «Assessment of soiling effect on energy productivity of pv modules installed in rabat»

D. Dahlioui, B. Laarabi, M. Abdelmjid Sebbar, J. Boardman, E. Menard, G. Dambrine and A. Barhdadi

15h40.Thu «Defect depth evaluation by artificial neural network withstandard thermal contrast of active infrared thermography»

H. Halloua, A. Elhassnaoui, A. Obbadi, Y. Errami, S. Sahnoun

15h40.Thu «Elaboration and characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) absorber layer by sol gel method for solar cells applications»
Ahmed ZITI, Bouchaib HARTITI, Hicham LABRIM, Salah FADILI, Abderraouf RIDAH,  Soucace Bernabé MARI, Miguel MOLLAR, Philippe THEVENIN

 15h50 – 16h30

 Coffee Break

 16h30 - 17h30




16h30.Thu «STYDY of adsorption of disperse blue 79 dye on Chitosan, phosphogypsum and natural phosphate»

M. Joudi, J.Mouldar, H.Hafdi, H.Nasrellah, A. Loudiki, M.A. El Mhammedi and M.Bakasse

16h30.Thu «New MPPT Algorithm applied to Photovoltaic system»

H. Abouadane, A. Fakkar, D. Ouoba,Y. El  Kouari

16h40.Thu «Investigation of the nucleation kinetics of Bi and δ-Bi2O3 during electrodeposition on an amorphous substrate ITO»

Y.Lghazi, I.Bimaghra, K.Elmerzouki , A.Sahlaoui

16h40.Thu «Phase slip process and charge density wave dynamics in a one dimensional conductor»

N. Habiballah, A. Arbaoui, M. Qjani a,  J. Dumas

16h50.Thu «Parameter extraction of solar cell and module using simple reduced form procedure»

N. Maouhoub

16h50.Thu «Elaboration of intelligent textile as an electrode for Organic Photovoltaic Cells applications»

H. Jaouani, D. Saifaoui,Y.  Jouane, H. Ennamiri

17h00.Thu«The impact of shading conditions on the PV array with improvement of incremental conductance algorithm»
O. Mesbahi, A. Sellami, K. Kandoussi, R. El Otmani, M. El Jouad, A. Hajjaji

 17h00.Thu«Synthesis of TiO2:Cu Thin films obtained by sol gel method»
Zineb ESSALHI, Bouchaib HARTITI, Abderrazak LFAKIRand Philippe Thevenin
 17h10.Thu«Growth and characterization of CuInS2 thin films for photovoltaic applications»
Ahmed Kotbi, Bouchaib Hartiti, Salah Fadili, Abderraouf Ridah, Philippe Thevenin
 17h10.Thu«Fabrication and Characterization of CuO Thin Films by Spray Pyrolysis Method»
Abderrahim Moumen, Bouchaib Hartiti, Salah Fadili, Mariam Siadat, Philippe Thevenin
 17h20.Thu«Synthesis and precursor effect studies of ZnO thin films for gas sensors applications»
Zahira El khalidi, Bouchaib Hartiti, Elisabetta Comini, M.A.H.M.Munasinghe, Salah Fadili, Mariam Siadat, Philippe Thevenin

17h30 – 18h30

Closing Ceremony


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